Partner Organisations

Partner Organisations


Pay Ireland is run and operated from the same building as Realtime Accountants a Dublin based accountancy firm which shares our ethos and has similar business practices. 

If there is any particular issue with payroll, employment law query, contracts outside of normal payroll services we can draw on their expertise in house and be able to give you useful excellent advice. 

Likewise should you have any accountancy needs we highly recommend Realtime Accountants, all of our clients we refer to them speak highly of them.


Phone: 01 515 2755 

WRC and employment

Should you ever have a WRC audit or issues with a staff member which is unfortunately more common these days, we recommend the team at Dillon & Co Solicitors – we have seen first hand the good work Dillon & Co Solicitors can do and they have resolved thorny issues for our clients before.

If you have any issues with the WRC or a staff member and want to resolve the issue correctly contact:

Phone: 01 901 9777